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Write Ethereum-compatible smart contracts in popular programming languages, & run them much faster, on Substrate. A decentralized open source business model funded by developer treasuries on participating blockchains.

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What is Parastate?

Try deploying smart contracts on ParaState.

Ethereum compatibility

ParaState Milestone

  1. 2019

    • Grant from Ethereum Foundation for SOLL compiler
  2. 2020

    • Grant from W3F for EWASM pallet integration
    • Built ParaTime for Oasis network for Ethereum compatibility
  3. 2021 Q1

    • Seed fundraising round closed
  4. 2021 Q2

    • Strategic fundraising round closed
    • Public testnet Plato launches
  5. 2021 Q3

    • Private fundrasing round closed
    • Grant from ICON Foundation for Substrate sidechain featured EVM&EWASM Public testnet, Plato launches
  6. 2021 Q4

    • SewUp Rust SDKto be launched
    • The 1st Rust SDKfor Ethereum compatible networks

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